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7 Tips For Beating The Holiday Blues

by Lisa Angelettie MSW,

I’m sure you can feel in coming on like clockwork. Much like a seasonal cold or flu, except it feels worse and it comes every year – The Holiday Blues.Feeling depressed during the holidays is not unusual for people who feel stressed by the upcoming dinners, parties, shopping, and planning that is involved with typical holiday events. It is also common for those that have lost loved ones, divorced, etc.

The holidays can also exacerbate depression in someone who already suffers from it. So it’s critical to do what you can tobeat the holiday blues – before it ruins what should be a fun and festive time.

Tip #1 Stay Connected – The worse thing you can do for the holiday blues is to be isolated from those who love you – or even like you a little bit:) Many people who are depressed during the holidays are also – lonely.

Tip #2 Write A Gratitude Letter – Haven’t you ever complained about someone or something in your life to only later hear about a way more terrible story about someone else’s life? Write a letter of gratitude to your parents, God, or yourself – detailing all the things that ARE great about your life today. Although it may be difficult at first, it will help you keep perspective once you complete it.

Tip #3 Get Moving – I think I have talked about this in a million other articles, but the statistics don’t lie. Exercise – even mild exercise – helps alleviate the symptoms of depression. Taking a brisk walk in the am before your day or to wind down after your day – is a great way to beat the blues.

Tip #4 Avoid Drinking/Drugging – You need to stay away from things like alcohol or recreational drugs if you are feeling down. While you do experience a temporary numbing effect – your feelings of “the blues” will only become magnified once you come down off of your drug of choice.


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