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Are you Frustrated with Life? Don’t let your frustrations hold you back!

Written by Larry Lewis

My life sucks and I’m sick and tired of watching it pass me by. I’ve never been so frustrated with life as I am now and I just want to get out of this rut. I hate, hate, hate my life. I’m just so fed up of being unhappy achieving none of my goals and dreams. Life is passing me by, and I’m amounting to nothing. I’m petrified that I’m just meant to fail at life and that I’m incapable of changing this. It seems that nothing I do to try to change my life ever has any effect at all.

Does this sound like anybody you know? Are you unhappy or frustrated with your life but unsure of what needs to change? Do you feel tormented that you don’t know what you want but only that you don’t want what you have right now? Do you feel unfulfilled?

Frustration is the condition of wanting something and not getting it, or not wanting something and having it forced on you. Frustration can be a result of interactions with people, events or circumstances. Frustration is how you react to these things. It is your emotional response to them.

Frustration, if not dealt with, can destroy our lives! Don’t let your frustrations prevent you from setting goals and living your life to the maximum.


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