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Different Clients, Different Solutions

by Elizabeth Rahamim, LCSW, SAP

It is interesting how referrals come into the practice. Ironically, I always seem to get clusters of clients who are facing very similar issues at a given time. Last summer, I saw quite a few teens who were suffering from the disease of Substance Dependence. After the new school year was underway, there seemed to be a cluster of referrals of those experiencing difficulties with relationship/marital problems. In the last several weeks the bigger trend does seem to be depression with moms. For some, it seems to be mostly chemical/hormonal, so we are working with the physician to see what can be done medically. For others, it seems to be the adjustment to life as a new mom and all that comes with that. However, for many it is due to being overwhelmed with managing household responsibilities, and more importantly, the lack of self-care, often resulting in a lack of sleep. Some of the symptoms that are presented include increased irritability, low tolerance for extended family member’s needs and advice (sometimes unsolicited) and meeting demands of work, spouse and children. While at times it may seem unrealistic to change a whole lot, it is important to find ways to feel validated, and to know how you feel is often “Absolutely, Positively Normal!” The change that occurs often will to identify a support system to make the day to day stress more tolerable, and to set appropriate boundaries with friends and family members who are more “takers than givers” at this time in your life. So, ultimately, the key is social re-organization, re-prioritization and putting the importance of self-care as numero uno in your priority of time, whatever form that may take. So go ahead, give it a whirl and see if you are able to look at your strategies for self-care in your life, and how you put your need to sleep and manage life’s primary priorities in your world first.


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