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Working a DOT Job – what does that mean for me?

by Elizabeth Rahamim, LCSW, SAP

DOT is short for the Federal Department of Transportation. If you are considering a position in any of the 6 areas of DOT, such as Airline Industry, Transportation, ie trucking, Bus Driver or in the Train System, you need to make sure you are able to commit to the rigorous testing regiment set forth by the DOT Regulations. By testing, I mean Drug and Alcohol Testing. You will be tested for pre-employment, random testing, after an accident if you are involved in an accident and for reasonable suspicion of use of an illicit substance. In addition, some companies who are DOT, also have the same standards apply for all employees whether they are working in a DOT identified position or not. In addition, many have strict policies if you have received a DUI. There are long and arduous consequences for testing positive or refusing to test that may affect your ability to work in the industry for up to 5 years. Make sure you consider your lifestyle and behavior when deciding to work in this type of industy, as it has the purpose of keeping the public safe.


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