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Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Cassie. I am a therapist for Strategies for Success. I specialize in depression and anxiety. My favorite population is working with children. However, I love working with adults of all ages. All right, so I've been doing therapy since 2018. I actually started in a prison as a correctional counselor, and then I transitioned to individual therapy, group therapy, as well as family therapy. I went to school at GCU, and that is where I got my Master's. My undergrad is criminal justice. My absolute favorite part about working as a therapist is watching the clients grow. I absolutely love when from the time that they start until the time that they finish and just how much empowered they are and just knowing that little old me helped them along their journey. So a fun fact about me is I don't like chocolate. It is absolutely gross in my opinion.

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