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Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Mitch. I am a LPC, a licensed professional counselor.I specialize primarily in depression and anxiety. A lot of work for motivation and a lot of other work in ADHD likes and focus. So I've been practicing for about five or six years with a licensed before that I was primarily behavioral tech working in schools, but then also at agencies. I went to Arizona State for my undergrad degree, and then I went to Argosy University for my graduate degree, and that was in clinical mental health counseling. So I think definitely my favorite part of working here is that making great relationships with my clients. I feel like that's really important before anything else can get done then. So that's definitely my favorite. So fun fact about me is I'm extremely interested in Batman. Whether it's movies, TV shows, comic books. Honestly, I read comic books daily. You know, can't get enough of like stories and stuff, especially that stories that aren't very realistic and what not.

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